If a puppy says it is on hold this means it is pending a deposit. Buyer has 6 hours to sign contract and pay the required deposit. If not one the puppy goes back to for sale .

Prices listed are Pet Prices if you are seeking breeding please let me know and we can come to a agreement 

Our puppies are raised on Puppy Culture!! Do you know what Puppy Culture is? NO?

Check it out! https://shoppuppyculture.com/

Puppies are wormed every 2vweeks

neopar vaccine  @ 4 weeks

5 way vaccine @ 6 weeks

Ready to go @ 8 weeks 

You will need to take your puppy to vet within 72 hours of getting it. At this time your vet will give the next vacation. 

We are usually willing to meet halfway or even deliver your puppy to you at a extra fee. 

We offer potty training and other training packages 



Waymire's Dally On Up At Rocking G's - has been bred to - Primitive Rose Dolly Pardon My Ways (Dolly)